Wednesday Wine Pairings: Shoot the Label

So Jeff Siegel, clever wine enthusiast that he is, has combined a tech tip and a wine suggestion in one post. So I’m turning over the blog to him today. I’ll be getting my nails done.


Wine don’t you take a picture of the label?

sea glass label

One of Tech Mom’s faves

Write about wine, and people ask you two things: What’s your favorite wine? and Do you know that wine I had the other night that I liked a lot – you know, the one with the green label?

I can answer the first one, but not the second. Because, of course, there are an almost infinite number of wines with green labels (or dresses or cute animals or whatever the one thing was that the wine drinker remembered about the label). This is one of the problems with the wine business, where every wine seems to have a different name and one that is usually too difficult to remember. As opposed to something like ketchup, which is always ketchup and isn’t difficult to remember.

What’s a consumer to do? The answer is your cell phone, which often amazes those of us who grew up when phones were black, needed to be dialed, and had long cords. It amazes me, still, even after 20-some years of drinking wine, because I still write down names and prices and all the other stuff (though sometimes I using my phone to write it, so all is not lost). It’s often a generational thing, in which we don’t think about using technology the way younger people, who grew up with it, do without a second thought.

Take a picture of the label, and you’ll get almost all of the information you need – the name of the wine, who makes it, the vintage (the year the grapes in the wine were harvested), and the alcohol content. Knowing this, you can take the picture to most stores and ask for the same thing, a wine that is similar to it, or another wine by the same producer. And yes, sometimes you’ll look silly taking a wine bottle shot in a restaurant, but the alternative is not being able to remember a wine you liked.

Plus, even the least-skilled among us can take a decent picture, thanks to digital camera technology. I know this because I was famous for my blurry pictures when I used film in my newspaper days, but even I can take a label shot – just aim, focus, and click. Surprisingly, given how simple the process is, there are hundreds of phone apps to help you do it, but most of them aren’t necessary if all you want to do is remember the name of the wine.Jeff Siegel

Which would make me happy, since I love to talk about my favorite wines.


TechMom here and dying of curiosity.  Send me pictures of the labels of your favorite wines.  I’ll find a way to post them on the blog.  I’d love to see what you’re drinking.

Ciao Sweeties,



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