Wednesday Wine Pairings & A Hunky Protector

Here’s a little something to nosh on while you enjoy your wine:

windows wineEven though your computer is protected by anti-virus software*, you still need to run anti-malware occasionally (every few months.)   You can download MALWAREBYTES, SUPERANTIVIRUS and SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY for free on a trial basis, install and run the program when you won’t need your computer for a few hours (not overnight because it will need you to click something every now and then.) This muscled-up program will identify and contain problems in your computer. Then it will ask you if you want the offending files removed. Yes, you do!

You can buy one or all of these if you like, but the trial basis is a full version and lasts a few times. This, along with anti-virus software and judicious browsing and email opening, will help your computer run faster, cleaner, longer.

*Watch for our discussion of anti-virus software coming soon.

And now Jeff’s choice:  Carmel SelecteD Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Carmel-Selected-Sauvignon-Blanc-13-NoVIsraeli wine has a long and mostly obscure history; if it’s known at all, it’s for kosher wine, which has not traditionally been something one wants to be known for. The Israelis want to change that, and made a U.S. tour — with a stop in Dallas this spring — to tell consumers and critics that they’re a wine region, just like any other, and that kosher is not all they do.

In this, the wines we tasted from Carmel and Psagot reminded me of U.S. regional wine from one of the top couple of states. Some were terrific, with varietal character and terroir, but others weren’t far enough removed from the old kosher days. In addition, price — $25 for an ordinary California-style chardonnay? — was as problematic as it is for U.S. regional wine.

Carmel’s SelecteD sauvignon blanc ($12, sample, 12.5%) was one of the former — lots of sauvignon blanc grassiness, some tropical fruit in the middle (melon?), and enough citrus to be noticeable but not so much that it gets in the way. It’s a professional, eminently drinkable wine, and among my two or three favorites of the dozen or so we tasted. That’s not because the SelecteD was one of the least expensive, but because it was one of the best made, regardless of price. The winemaker didn’t try to impose his or her will on the grapes, forcing the wine to be something that it wasn’t. That’s another common problem with regional wine, where winemakers get a style in their head and try to replicate it even when the grapes are best suited for something else.

Serve this chilled, with or without food (grilled shrimp with garlic and parsley? spaghetti with basil pesto?), and enjoy it on a hot summer day. It’s California in style, as many of the wines were, but that’s not a problem with the Selected.

Thanks, Jeff, for the recommendation.
And ciao, sweeties,

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