Wednesday Wine Pairing & A Mini-Tip: Updates

updateYou know those little pop-ups that come up in the morning on your computer and tell you that “SUCH AND SUCH SOFTWARE” has an update?  The ones that are so  insistent, persistent, and determined to make you do it?  You ignore them, you click them off, you put them off, you blow them off. . .

So give in, already, what are you waiting for?

Updates are a good thing—annoying, yes, but good nonetheless.


  • Provide fixes for software bugs and glitches
  • Add functionality and features to the program
  • Protect against viruses that threaten your computer

So update, right this minute.

And if the instructions say “restart your computer,” then do it.

And while you’re waiting for the computer to come back up, enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

Jeff will tell you which one!

Expensive wine 66: Guffens-Heynen Pouilly-Fuissé Tri des 25 ans 2005


Guffens-Heynen Pouilly-Fuissé Tri des 25 ans 2005Great wines have great stories to go with them, even if the stories can be embarrassing. Such is the case with the Guffens ($80, purchased, 13%), although the story isn’t about the wine as it is the people involved.

Jay Biletti has been a long-time supporter of Drink Local Wine and an advocate for Arizona wine. I’ve judged with him many times, and he is a smart wine guy who is always fun to taste with. Several years ago, when Jay and I were judging the late Southwestern Wine Competition, we ordered a bottle of white Burgundy. It tasted and smelled quite funky. “It’s corked,” said Jay, who could plainly smell wet dogs and damp basements. “Oh no,” I said. “It’s just funky. White Burgundy can do that.” We went around with this for a bit, and Jay almost believed me. So we asked Diane Teitelbaum, whose wine knowledge is immeasurable and who was eating dinner with us. She took one whiff, and gave me a firm look. “Of course it’s corked, Jeff. What were you thinking?”

Hence the Guffens, which Jay brought to dinner in honor of that night when he was in Dallas this summer. Which was not corked. Really. It’s classic white Burgundy (chardonnay from the Burgundy region of France, in this case the Pouilly-Fuissé part of Burgundy). It’s still very young, and won’t reach its peak for at least another couple of years. The fruit (apple-ish?) is way in the back, and you’ll taste more white pepper and minerality than anything else. The oak is hovering over all, in exactly the way oak should hover.

Jay and I enjoyed the wine, and he was very nice when we told the corked story to the other guests. They didn’t even laugh too hard.


We’ll be back in a couple of years to check on the Guffens.  In the meantime, y’all come back on Friday for more great stuff.

Ciao, sweeties

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